Memorial Site in Berlin

On the state-owned park cemetery Neukölln Buckower Damm 148, 12349 Berlin a memorial site for Jemal  Nebez has been established with the permission of the cemetery administration and the approval of the Senate of Berlin. One requirement on the part of cemetery administration was a waiver of the right to have any more coffin burials on this privileged site, The right to prolong the tenure of the site, however, remains. In 1919 additional permission was given to erect a memorial in the middle of the site which was done early in December 2021.

In consultation with the cemetery administration minor changes to the memorial site are always possible. The hope is that there will one day be a cemetery park bench near the memorial.

Archive 2021

Review of the memorial meeting on December 4th, 2021

December is important for the Jemal Nebez Foundation as the birthday and the departure day of our namesake early in December are only a few days apart.

This year, between these two days, on December 4th, we inaugurated the memorial site for Jemal Nebez at Parkfriedhof Neukölln, now  with a newly erected memorial stone in the middle.  

We were lucky, it wasn't raining! But cold it was. Many heartwarming memories of Jemal Nebez were exchanged and  hot beverages offered.